As investors, we guide ourselves by a set of beliefs that serve as the foundation for the partnerships that we pursue.


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What we believe:

The most important thing a company needs to do is make something people want

8 out of 10 startups fail because they were ideas rather than solutions to important and real problems. We are looking to fund the real businesses of the future, not features, widgets, and incremental or fake problems.

Great investments are a consequence of deep conviction

We feel strongly that great investments are a consequence of deep conviction. We invest in areas where we have expertise and can be helpful to the founding team. See investment themes here.

Investing is a service driven business

An investment from us means joining your team, and joining your team means rolling up our sleeves to help — whether it’s testing your product, inventing new services, prioritizing product features, hustling to get you customers, or helping you develop a sound financing strategy. We've been in your shoes before and understand how stressful building a business is. That's why we've built an environment of trust for founders, helping them navigate both the personal and professional challenges associated with startup life.

Great ideas are irrelevant without great people

We’re looking for exceptional teams.  Our founders come in all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and experience levels - what unites them is that they can't go to bed at night without thinking about the problem the universe has selected them to solve.

Well done is better than well said

As bandwidth continues to get cheaper and technology more accessible, there is no excuse for not having something up and running. We believe great entrepreneurs are relentlessly resourceful. As such, we rarely back teams who do not already have a live product or prototype.

Go big or go home is broken logic

The popular VC model makes it non-profitable to invest in businesses that don’t have a real shot of becoming a $1B+ business. As a result, many VCs overfund startups and in the process block realistic and enriching exit opportunities for founders. As a small fund, we are not driven by ownership and do not make investment decisions based solely on potential exit size, which makes us more aligned with founders.

Money should be a tool, not an infinitely renewable resource

VC is a great tool, but too much capital creates a culture that substitutes cash for creativity and operational discipline. We are looking for founders with a sound capitalization strategy that have a clear sense of why and where to deploy capital. 

Tell it like it is

Being honest isn’t always popular but it’s what truly makes for a great partner relationship. We are inspired by Radical Candor and strive to be direct and honest with founders at every opportunity.