Meet the Companies

we're proudly invested in:


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Artivest -  A new way to invest in private funds, including private equity, hedge funds and venture capital. Learn more

Atheer -  A 3D Augmented Interactive Reality platform, which combines immersive 3D augmented reality with natural gesture-based interaction. Learn more.

Bigstream - Enables seamless acceleration of distributed big-data/machine-learning applications, with a focus on FPGAs. Learn more

Bossa Nova Robotics - Provides product inventory data for retail, giving global retailers better inventory analytics and insight into consumer trends. Learn more

Brella - A new model of on-demand child care center that combines flexible scheduling with high quality care. Learn more.

Canary - Smart home security device for everyone. Learn more

Chillhouse A modern destination for self care. Learn more

Curos - A new ethos for care. Learn more

Deepscale - Perception for autonomous vehicles. Learn more

Eight Sleep - Reinventing sleep through technology. Learn more

Grin - Shared network of electric scooters. Learn more

Hippo - Better, cheaper home insurance. Learn more

LightApp - An Industrial IoT cloud solution that delivers insight into the physical operations of manufacturing facilities, illuminating areas for efficiency improvements in real-time. Learn more

Monica + Andy - DNVB for children's apparel. Learn more

Nectar - Building the next generation of connected hardware for the food and beverage market. Learn more.

Ninety7 - Premium accessories that elevate product experiences. Learn more

Perceptive Automata - Building machines that understand. Learn more

Prenav - An automated system to capture infrastructure data using small aerial robots. Learn more

Price - Find the best alternatives for everything you want to buy. Learn more

Rollbar - Real-time error tracking services for developers to detect errors in web applications. Learn more

Spell - A developer system that makes AI and Deep Learning radically more accessible and more collaborative. Learn more

Stella - Your Personal Recruiter for a network of Fortune 1000 companies. Learn more.

Uber - Everyone's private driver. Learn more

Upsolver -  A self-serve platform for stream data applications to connect, manipulate and draw conclusions from raw data. Learn more

WaveOne - Context adaptive video compression. Learn more

Zymergen - Researches, develops, and manufactures microbes for Fortune 500 companies. Learn more