We are internet geeks. That means there are certain themes where the passion is personal. While we are not a slave to these themes, we proactively look for mission-oriented teams in the following areas:

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Digital Lifestyles

We believe the world needs better designed products and services that are simpler, cheaper, more direct, and more delightful. We are looking for companies leveraging digital technologies to create incredible customer experiences that re-imagine everyday living. This includes consumer brands rethinking commerce, healthcare, insurance, food, sleep, and wellness. 

Vertical SaaS

We believe the second wave of disruption in enterprise and cloud computing will come from mass workflow customization by vertical software and vertical specific iOT solutions. (Example: LightApp, Nectar)





We are entering a new information age, and we want to back founders building the enabling technologies that will provide essential services to the new crop of web companies built on AI/ML/autonomous vehicles. Examples (WaveOne, PerceptiveAutomata, DeepScale, Spell)


We are looking for large markets with known supply and demand dynamics that have some sort of friction and where eliminating the middlemen can lead to vast network effects and significant savings to participants.